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      Ive been working on cars professionally for 11 years. I am BMW and Ford factory trained. I also have experiance working on several other makes and models including Mercedes, Land Rover, Honda, Jag, and chevy. I pride myself in being an honest and trustworthy technician. I understand the difficulties people may face if they would have to take thier car into a shop. We use quality parts from a variaty of manufactures. We use top notch fluid from Amsoil which is a world leader in synthetic oil.  It is my mission to provide quality and honest work at a fair price while being down to earth and being able to explain what has failed and why.


      When I started this company I was working 12 hours a day and driving over an hour to and from work 5 to 6 days a week at a high end vehicle dealer. My little girt was 1 and I was engaged to get married. Then the COVID 19 pandamic hit and shop work had slowed to a crawl with less than 1 car to work on a day. I began to take days off and spend less time at work. I began spending more time with my daughter and future wife. That added with the stress of working with untrustworthy co-workers led me to quit my job and start Uncle Steve's Neighborhood Garage. Today we are a growing company and constantly upgrading our knowledge base and equipment.

Dealer expertise with a

neighborhood feel


      We at Uncle Steve's Neighborhood Garage, feel that so many people these days take their vehicles to a shop where the vehicle gets worked on but are not really sure whats being done or why. We believe in being honest and trustworthy. After inspecting and diagnosing your vehicle, we will tell you what we found. We will explain how the damaged or failed part works and how it affects the rest of the vehicle. We will do all this in a way that makes sense to YOU, because explaining something in a foreign language that you don't understand just leads to more confussion. We strive to get it right the first time in a timely manor and to provide the correct knowledge to you about the repairs made to your vehicle.

Professional team

Steven Stearns



I have 11 years of professional experience. I have a degree from UTI in automotive technology. I have factory training from BMW and Ford as well as ASE certified. 

Brittany Stearns



I'll be the person that will help get customers what they need and to make sure that the customer's experience is as smooth as possible.

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We have a monthly subscription service available that includes discounts and quartly safety inspections with tire rotation among other benefits. 

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